Educational Consultation & Program Supervision

Boston ABA is available to provide direct consultation to schools in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and southern New Hampshire. Our services are intended to be an educational, and cooperative effort on the part of the parents, districts and ourselves. We believe that effective support results in the transfer of knowledge and skills to the client. We currently are working with several districts who share an aim of creating a structured plan for the transfer of skills from us to the parents. We're familiar with structuring this process so that it is a criterion-driven plan.

An example of how this happens includes ensuring that the parents are working with us and learning during our sessions. We work alongside parents during sessions and then give homework assignments (e.g., "Across the evening, present 10 learning opportunities for your child to work on pronoun skills. Use this data form to document results. We will review and discuss the results next week."). These two examples are indicative of the type of approach we employ when working with parents. Working with teachers and paraprofessionals is similarly structured. We can, of course, tailor services to meet your district's specific needs.


An important goal of Boston ABA is to have our personnel make available their ideas and skills, without being overly directive. While some ABA providers have difficulty integrating their programs with other methodologies, Boston ABA takes a collaborative approach, understanding that the most productive way to support a school program is to make its services fit with an individual school's needs. Thus, we are sensitive to each school's unique educational style. That is, our aim is not to take over your program, but to provide the information, training and/or staffing to help it grow in the ways you want it to.


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