BCBA Consultation and Intensive ABA Home Program Administration

Many families seek a Home-Based ABA program for their children. This is typically a tutoring and behavior intervention service that is overseen by an experienced behavior analyst and staffed by teachers. Home programs involve a combination of individualized services needed by your child, including assessments, behavior intervention programs, and instructional design. We conduct the assessments, design the programs and then train the family and therapists to carry out the interventions.

Perhaps the most visible component of a home program is the intensive intervention provided by teachers. We train teachers who will come to your home and provide intensive programming several times a week. This service is continually monitored by the Behavior Analyst to ensure that the program responds to your child's evolving needs. As your child learns and develops, we will create new programs at more advanced levels. This is a process of continuous feedback by family members, the teacher, and the Behavior Analyst.

  • Program supervision by an experienced, Board Certified Behavior Analyst.
  • Functional assessments will be provided to address the unique needs of your child.
  • Skill assessment (ABLLS Assessment) and subsequent instructional design.
  • Parent training.
  • Teacher training and supervision.
  • If desired, we will overlap home-based services with school services to ensure consistency across environments.

Independent living, functional communication, and social skills are often the focus of home tutoring. However, every home program is uniquely tailored to meet the needs of each client and family.

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