Mission Statement

Boston ABA is in business to help families meet the needs of their children with autism and other developmental or behavioral challenges. Our goal is to help our clients and their families have a good quality of life.

To this end, we provide the highest quality behavior analytic services possible and think our success will always be rooted in our positive approach. We value each client for the unique and wonderful individual they are, the family for their devotion to helping their children, and our employees for their commitment to finding fulfillment through successful assistance. We strongly believe that respect amongst these groups is critical to successful intervention.

At Boston ABA, we are simply one group of people helping another group of people achieve their potential in the most positive way possible. This is not only our mission, it is our privilege.

What we Value at Boston ABA

Optimism: At Boston ABA we think in terms of abilities not disabilities, of the importance of the journey not simply the arrival at the destination.
Individual Empowerment: Each client's program is as individual as the client. Fostering clients' independence through progressive behavior change processes will help them to become independent, and to develop positive relations with family, friends and the community.
Family Empowerment: At Boston ABA we recognize that family involvement is integral to their child's success. A diagnosis of autism is frightening for families. We understand that. But, you are not alone. There are many good people and services in the community and Boston ABA will help you find them. We want to support and guide you, even if that means helping you to seek services elsewhere. Our goal is to empower you to find the services that are right for you, not for us.
Respect for our Employees: We think outstanding employees are those who work in environments that are supportive, foster growth, and are based on respect between all parties.
Integrity: We are committed to people rather than profits. Boston ABA does not overload its clinicians with large client rosters. We understand the value of a quality learning experience rather than a quick fix. Put simply, we value the success that comes with attention to detail.
Commitment to Success: At Boston ABA, we are committed to providing a behavioral solution that works-we won't give up on you or your child.


For further information:
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